Hunger for Power- The cause behind many events.

From the beginning of human civilization, human had deep rooted greed for authority and power. If we will have a look at our history, we can easily find a traceable pattern. This pattern will be roaming around war, conquest and subjugation.

Hunger for power is one the major driving force, running behind many events; It will be apt to ask that what is power? Everyone will come up with different definition when it comes to power. For some people, money may be power; for some, political authority may be power etc. Power has a unique alluring impact which evokes the irresistible hunger for power.

Acquisition of political power is also one the major reason behind various happening or misshappening across the globe. Pakistan could be carved out just because of it. There are many groups in existence which are trying to fulfill their political ambitions using different methods. Some of them are trying to misguide people under the aegis of Socialism. There are some who are talking about the formation of theocratic nation, It may be Hindu Nation or Islamic Nation. Some of them are trying to inculcate the deep feeling of insecurity in common masses. Actually they are trying to become their savior. They all have one similarity which is; they all have their personal ambition and have nothing to do with the masses. There can be million different ways for acquiring power but we may try to highlight some ways:

Break the Nation, Win the Power

It is one of the very famous path. There are many groups in our country which are ready to break our country into small chunks. Let us take the example of Kashmir. Apparently, Kashmiri Separatist has nothing to do with the common masses. But they always try to showcase themselves as their helpmate. If we go back in the year of 1978-80 then we can never forget Jarnail singh Bhindranwale. Bhindranwale did not even hesitate in converting Akal takth into Arsenal. The demand for Khalistan could also took prominent form because of his notorious efforts only.

Talisman Chant – To Become Popular Overnight

There may be dispute in terms of recitation of certain chants and Its impact. But there is a Talisman Chant which has undisputed impact. This talisman chant is ……………………………..No, It is Anti-National Slogans. Anti-national slogans can be more effective than many religious chants. Religious chants may help you in eradicating your sin but anti-national slogans can make you popular overnight. There is no need to take the matter of JNU and AMU into consideration.  

The Father and Mother of All Religion – Religion which brings Power and Authority

If we leave certain percentage of people who are really concerned about Salvation or finding real truth of life. Religion has nothing to do with the common people. Still It is one of major concern across the earth.

But there is a religion which is far more rewarding then any other religion in this planet. This is the religion of Conquest, let me elaborate further. It is a well known fact that the religion can be used as integrating factor. As in the case of Arab where Islam could unite entire nation which was divided into small tribes. That is the only reason why some are trying to achieve this integration. Some in the form of Jihad whereas some in the form of Ramrajya. Both ramrajya and jihad can not bring, what is actually desirable for the downtrodden people. But It will certainly bring enormous authority and power for the integrator.

The Noble Profession with the prospect to become Chief Minister

Aspiration is the cause behind all the struggle with which aspirant go through. Let me reveal a profession which is far more lucrative than many other profession. Let’s go to North-Eastern part of our country, we may learn something over there. North-Eastern India is famous for their scenic beauty and notorious for their insurgent group. Insurgency in North East has also nothing to do with the feeling of insecurity of regional tribal people. It is also the opportunity for the power hunger to carve out a nation from this part of land. There was a time when the demand for “Nagalim” a independent Naga Country was at its peak. We may also take the case of “ Pu Laldenga” into the account.

The chief of Mizo National Front and a undisputed militant “ Pu Laldenga”. He was initially struggling for independent Mizo Country, but quit their struggle in similar fashion like sheikh abdullah of Kashmir. Their revolt came to dead-end, once Laldenga became the first Chief Minister of Mizoram. Laldenga was one among many such power hunger people. There are still many who are trying to run a parallel government. They are people who are majorly involved In all sort of illegal activities even today. It may be human trafficking, drug peddling etc.

Win-Win Opportunity

Acquisition of authority and power is a cakewalk. If someone is capable enough in terms of taking full advantage of opportunity; as the case of Ram Mandir was used in our country. We have other visionaries as well which can use all sort of opportunities, from riot to peace. The Gujarat Riot was also a another big opportunity. Even today the doctored videos of Gujarat Riot is in circulation. Such stuffs are very crucial in order to misguide youths at very large scale. A wise effort can turn SIMI (a student union of Aligarh Muslim University) into Indian Mujahidin.  

The Canorous Crackers

How simple has it become to acquire power? Just invoke the feeling of insecurity and booommm you will be powerful very soon. We have examples this time as well- bomb blast in Samjhauta Express (2007), Ajmer Sharif dargah(2007) and the blast in Bodh Gaya (2013), Gurdaspur(2015) and two days before Diwali (2005) etc.

How innocent humans are, still they believe that they have threat from a specific religion or specific group.

Foolish Faith in authority is worst enemy of truth – Albert Einstein

The cases that we have seen above is some of the successful attempt. We still have many, who are still striving for it. Right Winger, Left Winger, Liberals, Activist…………..There are many who are working with the common agenda which is to acquire power and authority.


There is a quote of Swami Vivekananda , “If we deserve something then nature will certainly bring it for us. It implies that If some one is beggar then it deserves to be beggar, If someone is rich then It deserves to be rich. Nature never injustice with anyone. So, will beggar remain beggar for ever? No, beggar can also be rich If It put certain effort”

There is a another quote of Mahatma Gandhi, “Importance or significance of goal is in the path, how significant a goal may be but If it is acquired by the ill path then both goal and path become irrelevant or worthless”

Let us move towards the concluding statement. If someone is capable in bringing change then why not to bring positive change. Power and authority may be appear very mesmerizing but acquiring it with ill ways make no sense. The death is certain for everyone hence the power and authority will always be transitory. We can not enjoy it for very long time. We may reach to the pinnacle of success, but If we are standing at the mound of death then It is good for nothing.

A single smile is far more precious then all power and authority…………..

Why not to strive for bringing it on everyone’s face.


Ali Hamza Khokar · May 24, 2020 at 3:30 am

Yes, I agree the fact about socialism and the way it is misleading a personal but right now our main view must be on how to overcome the crisis that is the economic crisis, I just read I totally agree with your thoughts about the Hunger of power

RT Ravi Tripathi · May 28, 2020 at 11:45 pm

Sundar vicharon Ka Sundar chitran,lge rho u wl bring change that wl v grt for our Bharat.jayhind

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