“We need more traffic to our website.” “Our bounce rate is too high.” “Our website is stuck just like we are stuck in lock-down. These are common complaints from business owners. There are many platforms which offers good benefits. Here are the best 5 one can use.
  1. Website
The best and basic is to make your own website. There are many platforms to create like syla.in, svweb.in, etc. There are thousand options available with you. A website can reach more than 50% of the population using internet. The benefits of using it are:
  • It improves your way of advertising
  • Saves your money on printing
  • Easy access to new customers
  • Extend your local reach
  • Educate your customer
2. YouTube The other way of marketing online is through making small videos and sharing then on YouTube. As per the study, people are more attracted to visual content than a written content. The important for using it is your content never dies. The benefits of using YouTube are:
  • Videos have a high conversion rate
  • Huge audience is attracted
  • Call to action is better through a video
  • Can be used for re-purpose content
  • More visibility on google
3. Instagram Instagram has provided a benefit of making a business purpose id. It have more than 125 million users to reach. It provides you to share your content, products, etc. through it. It is the most leading social media site and it is easy to use compared to the first two. There are many profits in using it. Some are:
  • Provide you with insights of what going on your page
  • The main segment is of youth
  • Hashtags can be used in a good amount without making it look ugly
  • You can partner with who can promote it
4. Twitter Twitter is mostly related to as the issue and crisis comment section, but it can be used for the purpose of engaging and attracting customers. The number of user of twitter are more than 330 million. The benefit of using twitter is it also keep you update through the news. The gains which can be taking out from using twitter are:
  • Latest trend of the work in your industry
  • Share blog content, video, etc.
  • Boost your website SEO
5. Facebook If your focus is on the income generating people, this is the best source. Many earning people are being connected through social media. It contains more than 2.5 billion users and hence gives you a big opportunity like:
  • Help in making a huge email list
  • Increase traffic on your website
  • Lower the marketing expenses
  • Boost SEO
  • Gain insights on your audience
There are some important points one should remember:
  1. Be more active(post continuously)
  2. Modify
  3. Create analyse the audience where they are coming from
  4. Feedback should not be ignored and should be replied within two days
  5. Bring more focus on those platform where people are more getting to your site
  6. Post about trending trends and issues
I would recommend checking out all these tools to test them for your own needs.  If you have any questions about the best platforms for your business, let me know in the comments section below.


I am an amateur blogger; exploring my passion.

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SY Lodha and Associates · May 17, 2020 at 10:33 am

Good blog Ms. Ritika.

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