Now-a-days, people just go on to make money and focus on their whole time even if they do not want to work for that job. PASSION IS LOST. Today, people just lost their true passion, what they like to do, what they love to do.

How do you find your passion?

There is a simple answer for it. Just follow your heart, do what you love. But there is this thing called money which make us tempt to do those work which we barely like to do. Just ignore money, do the hard work and smart work together to achieve like the great people.

Passion is the biggest key to success. There are number of people who have set an example by doing the hard work and following their passion.

Michael Jordan played basketball as he loves to do that, but then he was being paid for the work. He just followed what he wants to do without thinking of money at first. Bill Gates just love to write about the software, he never did for the purpose of making money out of it.

What money cannot do?

Following your heart can give you a satisfaction than what money can’t. Walking on the path of what we love can lessen up the burden of the work and we enjoy the work we do, feel relaxed and usually are happy than those who complains about their work everytime.

What if you did not find your passion?

It’s not a big deal if a person is unable to communicate with his heart. By trying different things on daily note, he/she can find the core to his/her passion.

Just follow your heart, money will come automatically.


I am Ritika Jajoo. I am an amateur blogger who exploring my passion.

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I am an amateur blogger; exploring my passion.


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