COVID-19 is still a mysterious virus for me as a common citizen of India. Doctors and Scientists said it spreads from interaction with an infected person. But I think though it has not infected me and my family physically yet as we are already strictly following the precautionary instructions but it is continuously bothering me about our upcoming life after this pandemic.

We were preparing for my sister’s marriage which was fixed in month of April 2020, invitation cards were ready to be distributed. All the arrangements were done. But as it is known, life always shows you the unexpected. This COVID-19 virus has vanished all my plans. We had to postpone the wedding till everything gets normal. I’m trying to lift my family’s morale but I and they know we will be facing many issues in future both financially and socially.

Thinking about financial problems, I am working in a well reputed private company with a satisfactory salary. Currently I am the only earning person in my family. As of now I’m on paid leave, but I am afraid of the possible recession that may be occurring after this pandemic ends. If in worst case I lose my job then how all things will be done viz, our daily needs, my child’s school fee, my mother’s medicines and of course my sister’s wedding.

Though everything is not that bad. Meanwhile, my child’s school has started the online classes. He is enjoying a lot studying by this method. Online education is the future and I’m glad that such methods of studying are being promoted. This gives me an idea that if I lose my current job. I can start online classes as I am an engineer. This can also be an alternative to all professionals like me if they lose their jobs in near future.

Moving to the other side of the lockdown, I am feeling much closer to my family.  I am helping my wife in doing household work. This has enhanced our love for each other more as we are working together after a long time. I am usually a very busy person but this quarantine period brought me back to my loved ones. I play with my child, do funny stuffs with my sister and discuss various things with my mother.

Yes, our lives will be surely changed. In fact, changes have been started already. Nature teaches us,  those who adapt to the change are the ones who will survive. Firstly, my focus is on personal hygiene, social distancing and improving my fitness (both physical and mental) and same I suggest to every human. And prepare yourself for what is going to happen but also enjoy this time in being in your home.

And always be thankful to the doctors, other medical staff, police, administration workers, other emergency service workers and all those who are playing their role in fighting this virus.

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Sudeep Mathur · April 13, 2020 at 2:09 pm

Hi everyone, This blog is just a personification of a common Indian Earning person. It doesn’t imply to my real life. I have mentioned here the thoughts which are possibly present in an average person’s mind in this pandemic situation. I am a happily unmarried graduate… hahaha…

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